when i was in penang…

our first destination was nasi kandar line clear as we were freaking hungry at that time.the food was ‘okay’ i guess.tak tahu lah kenapa orang sume gahkan sangat kedai tu.to me,it was just okay.then checked in at naza talyya.petang tu buat ni,buat tu,swimming.the beach was awesome.tak crowded.lost my shirt and pants the next morning cause somehow the strong night wind blew em to i dont know where.naik beca.makan makan and makan.i dont know what else to say about my vacation.all in all,my tummy was very very very happy in penang and i was,too,very very happy in penang.well,in kl too.i guess.to whoever from formspring that wanted to know about my vacay in penang,ask me specifically.cause i dont know what else to write about.kthanksbye.

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