je t’aime

since chinese new year is going to be on early february,it means that my gaji is going to be given at the end of this month 🙂 with ang pao i guess.hopefully 🙂 yeah im longing for this kind of top(refer to the picture).and i saw dozens of em kat f21.aish kalau lah harga cm kat pasar malam,satu kedai tu dah aku’s not that im going out very frequent pakai baju sama pun takpe ah.the most important item that im going to buy is a converse shoes.also,a’s either the hello kitty one i saw at fos or the one in body shop.or maybe johnson’s cologne je kot.yelah mana ada duit nak beli dkny sume de.ukur baju dibadan sendiri dan badan gua ni takde ah besar mana so harga barang pun takda ah mahal mana.k takde kena mengena.lets talk about other things shall we?


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