take it off

Explain your last kiss?
/i kissed my mom’s cheek

What does your last text message say?
/cant recall

What do you smell right now?
/french toast -_-

Is there anyone who doesn’t like you?
/i couldnt care less

Any regrets?
/woke up late for work

What’s on your mind right now?
/what cloth should i bring tomorrow to penang

Is there someone you are completely tangled up in?

Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry?

Do you think two people can last forever?
/i guess

Would you fall apart if that last person you kissed walked out of your life?
/of course!!

Would you rather grow old with someone or be single forever?
/bodo la mesti lah yang first

What if somebody reads this survey?
/somebody should be reading this survey -_-

Do you believe what goes around comes around?

Do you think the last person you kissed cares about you?
/mesti lah dah kata mak

Is it usually easy for someone to make you smile?
/not that easy

Do you still talk to the last person you kissed on the lips?

Do you look decent when you wake up?
/tanya faka ngan gg.HAHA

Are any of your texts in your inbox locked and why?

In the past week have you cried?
/emm tak kot

Have you kissed anyone in 2010 that actually meant something to you?

Do you like dark or light jeans better?
/depends on my mood

Honestly, who’s numbers do you have memorized?
/my closest people

Have you stuck a piece of gum underneath a desk in the past week?
/ew gross

Do you want to get married when you’re older?

Tell me about the shirt you’re wearing?
/im wearing my old town outfit

What was the first thing you thought this morning?
/SHIEEEEET IM LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you afraid of the dark?
/nope.but sometimes i feel kinda uncomfortable in the dark

Have a best friend?

When is your birthday?
/july 29th

Would you ever consider piercing your lip?
/not in a zillion years

Have you ever had a sunburn so bad it hurt to move?

Do you toss and turn for hours at night or fall right to sleep?
/toss and turn i usually listen to my mp4 for half an hour in order to fall asleep

Has anyone ever hung up on you?
/duh mesti lah

Do you have unlimited texting?
/i guess

Where were you in your default picture?

When was your last argument?
/this morning

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
/cant remember.i guess,NO?

Do you usually have weird dreams?
/dreamless sleeps 🙂

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