dont ruin this

so i set my alarm on my bb at 8am.i have to freaking get ready an hour before my work time which was(supposed to be) at 9.30am.i woke up at 8 sharp.then,being a sleepy head i am,i dismiss my alarm clock and fall back to sleep.i woke up again at 10.04 am and i was like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.SHITTTTTTTTTTTT.i was supposed to do the opening just now.then i got ready,shouted ‘pa!kenapa tak kejuuuut!’ for a sec then im off to work.nasib baik lah dia cakap first time takpe.fuhhhh.nasib baik.kalau tak abes kena potong gaji 😦 hehe

gonna take my bath and pack my things for tomorrow.

peace out,faiq.

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