i am sooooooo embarress right very very very super duper embarress right this it i came home from work,had chat with my mom for a while and went straight to my room.then i noticed the cigg smell in my bedroom.the fan was on.and someone wrote ‘kotor’ on my desk.obviously,my dad wrote that.then i opened my cupboard and found out that the place where i kept all my personal belongings were kinda bb covers were not at the place where they’re supposed to be,AND MOST IMPORTANTLY,my diary looked like it had been moved.thats when i know that my dad,had officially read my diary.

though he looked indifferent,i dont dare to ask him whether he has read my diary or not.

i just want him to forget EVERYTHING he had ever read in the diary.cause frankly speaking,the content are terrible.anybody who read it will have no idea that the diary is mine.cause i am,in a freaky way,very sentimental in that diary.very emo.very…..urgh!i just cant say it anymore!



please pa,do not think that im a troubled child.cause im perfectly fine.


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