hi faiqah, bkn nk tnya ape2, cume nk ckp, akk suka tgk cara faiqah bwk diri, jadi diri sendiri n tk pura2, which is good, stay dgn perangai sebegini, just be yourself dan bijak tangani masalah-masalah yg akn dtg okay? <333

thanks a lot!!pheww sape niiiii? <333

i wonder who this is.hurmh.whatever it is,thanks ❤ reading this really makes me feel more excited to start on my feels good to know that someone appreciate me just the way i am.all these while i heard people telling me that im a snob.but when u really know me,im not THAT bad.k i admit.i ‘choose’ my friends.i dont simply let anybody barge into my life without me wanting them.i have my own reasons for doing that.for being that ‘selfish’ girl i am.i have my own call me ‘sombong’,call me ‘berlagak’,i dont give a purely blessed for each amazing soul that have been with me throughout my journey in life as a teenager.i am keen,too,to get to know other new people in life.

have a great year,faiq.

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