waiting for the end to come

today was weird and tiring.weird=i smiled.all day.im not sure whether im comfortable with that or not.i guess,NOT.i dont knw what the hell is wrong with me,but pleasing someone is not my thing.i mean,dont get me wrong.i love making people happy.but,most of the time,i dont.not that i love making other people’s life miserable too,but i just,dont want to have anything to do with new people.im perfectly comfortable with the way i am.please dont have any problem with that.

well the tiring part is that i had to sell cakes.at technology park.it’s tiring okay,waiting for someone to buy cakes from you.and having to explain what’s this what’s that.all in all,it’s worth it.the smile,the lethargy.i got rm30 at the end of the day.for doing simple math by calculating the money and just by smiling.

also,i got injected this morning.gonna start my job at old town this sunday.cant wait!converseeee!!ngeee~~~ 🙂

peace out,faiq.

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