1)sometimes i think too much

2)sometimes,i dont think at all

3)sometimes,i think on only one thing

4)sometimes,i become the person i dont want to be

5)sometimes,i dont speak

6)sometimes i speak too much

7)sometimes i smile

8)most of the time,i dont.haha

9)sometimes,i think of bizarre things

10)sometimes,i laugh over the lamest thing

11)sometimes,i laugh for no reasons.yah thats how crazy i am

12)sometimes,im okay

13)sometimes,i could be friendly

14)sometimes,i could be very mean

15)sometimes im could be weird in fashion

16)sometimes i dare to be different,but most of the time,i prefer to blend in

17)sometimes i have conversations with my heart.how creepy is that?i basically deny what my heart tells,and give IT reasons why.and IT pretty much do the same.

18)gee im weird

19)people say im different but i dont think so

20)i hate vegetables.

21)sometimes i like to go to the shopping malls all by myself.just walk walk walk without any needs to respond to someone

22)i have the coolest friends ever!

23)im revealing myself too much.hell.pfft.this is actually only 0.0001% of myself u’re reading about.

24)i curse.A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


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