forlorn,i’d say.

how can i tell you that i miss you?so can i express how i totally feel about you?how?just,how are you doing there?u’re so near but,u’re so far away.remember the days when we used to say that we’re so close just because u’re in my housing area?eventhough we’re like 2km apart.remember the days we used to think about each other just because it was raining?remember the days you used to ask me to look up to the sky to see the full moon?and how i resist.why did i resist?pfft.remember the days we used talk so much till we’re asleep?and you still didnt hang up the next morning?remember the cartoon lidi i used to draw for you with all the biceps visualised?remember moulin rouge?shrek?kuntom?i do.

i feel like writing these things about doubt,i’ll delete this someday.i just hope you get the chance to read this.before it’s too late.

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