i cant freaking change my wordpress’ url.somehow,that lamearse can still be able to read my blog.gee mr. S,or may i say mr. ASS,please back off.im done with you.knowing you was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made.seriously.i’ve never been more regretful in my life by just,KNOWING YOU,YOU FUCK!BABI!you’re pushing this too far,man.too far.when i’ve reach my limit,im soo gonna curse you in your face!i dont want to make enemies,but u’ve gone too far,dude.seriously,back off.i dont need a loserfuck in my life.u and i,were NOTHING.i have no interest in you,i have no feelings for you,ZERO,NADA!ya get that?again im stressing that i dont want to be mean and make enemies,but you really did push it to the limit,mister!


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