kuala pilah has changed

i want a friggin’ slr which comes with a photgrapher in the package.so he/she can take my pictures anytime anywhere using MY slr.

kak lia macam dah selesa je kat tempat2 mcmni -,-

kuala pilah was not as hot as i thought it would be.one thing that has got me confused was that my wan yang’s place had changed a lot.dah takde kolam dah 😦 and no more lemboos in front of the house.it’s been a long time since i had my visit to my kampung.all in all,the food was SUPERB!ikan masin,sambal belacan,ayam goreng,daging salai were my all time favourite!!!they’re totally the must haves when u are in negeri 9.gee i love spices! 😀

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