poseur alert!

i dont know how someone could be able to live in such a lie.to pretend.to be someone that they arent supposed to be.to manipulate those who dont know who they really are.my example is simple.exhibit A,profile picture on facebook.so yeah,u can edit em.tapi takpayah la sampai nak extreme sangat macik oi sampai mak kau sendiri pun tak kenal sapa kau.i got counfused on some girls in facebook when i met them in real life.they were the total opposite.i was like,’eh apasal muka dia mcmni.dekat facebook takde jerawat sume’.pfft.this is such a disgrace to social networking webs.such a disgrace to mark zuckerberg.to create such social network which encourages people to become someone they’re not.k.i get it.you have all the rights to post pictures of you,or in this case,pictures you wish to look like,but please,dont live in a lie.cause that’s just plain puh-the-tic!

peace out,faiq.

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