i am so twisted

one of my favourite things to do with my bestest friend asilah,is analysing people.analysing guys,to be specific.all the gestures,the words that are coming out from their mouth,their poses in pictures,the words they write,the clothes they wear,their facial expressions,their attitudes when they’re with their guy friends,their looks when they see girls,ALL.we judge a book by its cover.pfft,dont be an angel by saying u dont have that kind of mentallity too.cause i know u do.a whole bunch of us do.first impression is dang important.so yeah.all im saying is that i love analysing people be it a good prediction or the total opposite.that’s just me.hence,i dont have any problems against people judging me before they know me in real life.cause i know how humans work.how a normal human works.so,yeah.


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