siz iz watz happenedz aat ze ratedz partayz

apa tu apa tu?

i can’t remember what we lol-ed about,but it sure was darn funny.

camera loves me πŸ™‚

this was before all the chaos started.munching on cupcakes secretly

hell yea im selfish like dat yaw

aw :””’)

ze gurlzzzz :p

and the jokes were never old

ze big bro who has been the pain in the arse for this past 2 years.still,i love ya nevertheless.

girls.pfft πŸ˜‰


i do wear the biggest smile πŸ˜€


overall,i went back with sore feet.luckily i wore flip flop instead of my converse.talking about converse,im eye-ing on chuck taylor edition.will go for the blue one πŸ˜€ gee will post the pictures of em babies on my next post.back to the party,it was fun,well,the party wasnt fun,the people were πŸ™‚ all of us,well most of us went lunatic.suddenly,they’re dancing,riding bicycle and without exception,the music was loud until.i was kinda concerned that the neighbours might complain to the police.that’s HOW LOUD the music were essence,it was DA BOMB.looking forward to the next reunion of 5bestari class of 2010.weeeaaa πŸ˜€

p/s;as yall can see,i only edited the last picture of mine using picasa because i was darn tired and have no interest in editing pictures for the time being.but if i do edit em,im sure they’ll look much awesome-er.


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