beautiful sunday

what a nice i spent the whole day at dengkil driving center.i guess.main taram je ni.all i know is that the 5 hours of ceramah was held in dengkil.and so i woke up real early and it had messed up my whole body system.true.cause i slept at 3 and woke up at addition to that,i ate nasi lauk malam tadi for breakfast.haha.i cant help it.momma’s cooking is da bomb!trust me.especially after i told her about asilah’s dad’s cooking,she’s been cooking all of my fav dishes thereafter.haha.guess who i met at the ceramah?aliya BJ yaw!!!bahahah.i was so thankful that i have someone to speak with,to laugh with,to gossip with.hihi :p it was tiring to just sat there and do nothing for 5 make things worse,ada rempit bengong ni dok memekak mekak jawab benda bodoh everytime teacher asked something.i felt so annoyed.LUCKILY,i still have some sense of humanity inside of me.or else,i would have just give him ‘the look’ and asked him to shut the fuck up.all in all,today was okay.not as bad as i thought it would be.looking forward for this thursday though 🙂 hopefully,lulus dengan cemerlang and then i’ll be having my first and last i hope lesen Lembuuuu.huwargh.haha.then dah boleh bawak kereta lembu dah.tehee.k my tummy is singing the best of poker face right now so i better get something to eat 😀

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