one more paper and im OUT.for good :D

i have est paper tomorrow.currently stucked in between reading some scientific facts for est and bored.i miss,est essay is a no-no now.i better write on something i spent my day as a jobless,useless big fat arse’s person.weeaa.i have to say that school hols have been treating me well so enjoying every luscious minutes of freedom of it.i get to do whatever i want,whenever i want!how blissful is that?for example,i get to wake up whenever i want and sleep also,whenever i’s like heaven! 😀 i basically sleep,wake up,have lunch,watch tv,sleep again,do some house chores,read,sing,watch tv and sleep again till next noon.omg,writing this also making me’s like,i have no responsibilities and stuffs to think about.sometimes,i jump for no particular reasons.i just,JUMP.when i feel like to.sometimes i even laugh for no reasons.i am quite sure that my mom is kind of worried about this,but,there’s nothing to be worried of, perfectly fine!

nevertheless,im going to make my holidays beneficial by doing some soul-searching sounds fun.i guess.hurmh,also,i would get a job.well,already has a job officially a cake seller this thursday.has to help noah sells his cakes at bukit jalil.thrilled 😀 apart from the fact that i’ve never worked before,the idea of being paid RM30 per day sounds’s worth though.although i only get about what,RM600 per month?it’s’s not that im going to pay any rent or what.i planned to treat my family on my first pay.then spend some for my UN-NECCESSARY needs.haha.then probably keep another three quarter of it or future use(insert-new converse).hehe.need to stop now cause im trying to minimize each post as short as possible.see ya on next post >,-

k,weird emoticon i got there -__-


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