got stucked on bruno mars,omagaaddddd :O

gee i cant stop myself from listening to bruno mars each time before sleep.i’d like,practically repeat over and over of just the way you are and even set my mp4 for sleeptimer to prevent prolong battery’s the only song that can make me feel good.others are just plain heart-breaking and slow.listening to this song makes my heart pumps rythmically according the beats of the song.and dont get me started about my just flew to wherever possible.i think of so many things while listening to this many.i even thought about playing this song on my wedding day.haha yeah this is how much i love this addictive song.i already memorized the lyrics.easy peasy.haha.i sounded so,,,how do i say,addicted right?haha perhaps,i am.marry you by bruno mars is not bad at all.currently,bruno mars’ songs are the kinda beats my ears can tolerate to.meanwhile,im also searching for any group or band that have similar tune and genre as hey there delilah by plain white t’s.i love slow songs.acoustic sounds fantastic.gee it rhymes.

planning to go to mid valley this sat.there’s this education fair yeah.might as well go there and gain some informations on where im heading next year.urgh.talking about next year makes me go ‘urgh‘.i hate being a grown up 😦

need to iron my uniform for tomorrow and get to sleep ASAP so that my brain can function well for tomorrow.cause trust me,when your brain isn’t productive,even if u have all the facts in your fingertips,the informations just arent going to be interpreted well.hold my words.i’ve experienced this while doing chemistry yeah.wish me a very goodluck.


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