new divide

haiyakkk.gee watching this drama here on tv3 making me realize that there are so many weird people in life.but i only ran into a few of em here and there.u could see loads though if u walk in KL.well that’s the nearest lah weird i didnt mean the face,by weird i meant the way they present themselves.yelling,talking loudly,scolding in the public,screaming on each other.emph now i remember.zis is one of the conversation I’d refer to as WEIRD:

*a woman walking out from the elevator holding a big board*

abang jaga lift:kak,akak nak masuk balik ke?

that lady with ze big board: -____-‘

abang jaga lift:kak,saya tanya ni.akak nak masuk lift balik ke?*cause she was standing in front of the lift.waiting for other people to come out*

that lady with ze big board:YELAH AKU NAK MASUK BALIK!

abang jaga lift:saya tanya baik2,jawab la.

that lady with ze big board:dah muka kau selekeh buat apa aku nak jawab *bitchface*

abang jaga lift:kak,akak cakap baik2 kak.saya tak kasi akak bawak naik board ni kang.lift ni mana boleh bawak board besar.

that lady with ze board:diam lah *already inside the lift with me standing beside*

abang jaga lift:akak,saya cakap tak boleh naik kan.

that lady with ze board:*doors closing* DIAM LA BODOOOOOOH!aku penat2 mcmni nak carik pasal pulak.

and i was like  :O

i know u’re tired,lady.but there’s no solid reason for you to be rude.i hate this kind of people.the kind that think everybody has to know exactly how they feel.the kind that think he/she’s the one with a big problem.the kind that have no manners towards other humans.come on,u’re not that special.dont expect people to look up to you,to respect you,if u’re acting that bitchy kinda way.


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