hihi :)

hye.u can call me faiqah.hahah.u know wordpress,u are one hell of a complicated blog ya know?nevertheless,gonna learn more about u and so more about life.sigh* tehee 🙂

for a starter,zis is moi 🙂 a typical 17 year old with a bizarre way of thinking.purposely post a blurry picture so that u cant analyse who am i exactly.pfft and now im talking as if u’re a human -___-‘

to strangers,please do not comment on any of my posts.it’s not that i cant tolerate critics well neither do i am anti-social,but i still have zilch idea about this blog,so i wouldnt even realize that u’ve posted a comment.so yeah.give me some time.to make things easier,ask me here formspring.me/faiqahfuad


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